My work gives form to anxious energy and frenetic mark-making. It captures the feeling of uncertainty in the eleventh hour as well as the helplessness that is experienced when your palms sweat and your stomach ties itself in knots from whatever phobias and nervous habits you internalize. It represents everything inside the mind and body that washes itself away after you exhale your deepest sigh.


Laura Schuler is a mixed media artist living and working in Los Angeles, California. Her style of art represents an expression of movement and energy that incorporates layers of acrylic paint intersecting with spray paint. 

Laura continuously experiments with colors and shapes that highlight negative space. Her marks capture her highly gestural process of paintings that harness iterative physicality and flow. Her artworks have been collected throughout the United States and internationally. 


Artspace Warehouse, Los Angeles, CA

Past Exhibitions


"The Usual Suspects", ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

"Fun Gallery Show", ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

"Bunk", Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA

"ENOUGH!", ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA


"Addiction", ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

Hermosa Beach Fine Arts Festival, Hermosa Beach, CA

"Abstracted Badass", ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA

Hale Arts, Santa Monica, CA

"Summertime", ShockBoxx Gallery, Hermosa Beach, CA


"Perimeter Show", Art Share LA Art Show, Los Angeles, CA

"The Space Between the Notes", Manhattan Beach, CA

Manhattan Beach Hometown Fair, Manhattan Beach, CA

Sunscreen Film Festival, Hermosa Beach, CA

El Segundo June Art Walk, El Segundo, CA

Shanna Shryne Design, Hermosa Beach, CA

Venice Art Crawl, Venice Beach, CA

RAW Artists, Globe Theatre, Los Angeles, CA


Beyond the Lines Art Show, Glendale, CA

Venice Art Crawl, Venice Beach, CA

"South Bay Focus", Torrance Art Museum, Torrance, CA


2016 - Artmuzeo Magazine, feature

2016 - Artfinder The Edit 16/17, feature and catalogue publication