Frigid Philly Weekend With a Visit to Philadelphia's Magic Gardens

My first trip back to the east coast since moving to LA was this past weekend and it was a fun and chilly (don't laugh, I'm from LA but 50 degrees and breezy was cold enough to wear a snowboarding jacket) trip to Philly. Part of my Saturday was spent doing the number one suggested thing to do for under $10 in Philly according to Thrillist: The Philly Magic Gardens!

A 20 min wait in line and $7 later I was walking through a special place on South Street called Philly's Magic Gardens. This place is an entire half city block completely covered in mosaic tiles by art visionary Isaiah Zagar.

Zagar began work on the project in 1994 and it took him 14 years to excavate, build and beautify the area with tiles and anecdotes. 

A small indoor area hosts different artists exhibits on rotation. Above is a wall mural by internationally acclaimed street artist Edgar "Saner" Flores. Edgar is an artist that was raised in Mexico City and is known for works that explore themes such as love, anger, fear and sadness. 

One of the best photos from Sagar's "Fragments of the Soul" exhibit by @4lala.

Above is a video projection of another one of Edgar's works at the Philly Magic Gardens. You can visit this exhibition between October 9th and December 6th, 2015.

From a distance it looks like all the tiles are fairly similar but if you look close enough you'll find some unique ones like Mickey Mouse or this apple tile. 

You'll also find several anecdotes and messages hosted along the walls in conjunction with bicycle wheels and folk art statues.

Mikey, Rick, Mason and I just before heading out to grab some cheesesteaks at Jim's on South Street! 

Some beautiful photos of Philly's Magic Gardens from @kellyharrisxox including the Mickey Mouse tile I mentioned previously. 

Great view of the scale of Philly's Magic Gardens and several of the bicycle wheels and folk art from @thephillyvoice

Great photo by @ubiqlife of the many staircases found within Philly's Magic Gardens and some of the larger tiles.

For more information on visiting Philly's Magic Gardens click here. The gardens are open seven days a weeks (excluding holidays) from 11am to 6pm and charges $7 for entry. For more things to do in and around Philly check out Thrillist Philly on Twitter.