Joshua Tree

My youngest brother, Tom, visited me last week and well, he's REALLY outdoorsy so it was the perfect opportunity to finally visit Joshua Tree!

September and October are great months to visit because the weather is fantastic (not a billion degrees). This day couldn't have been better! We were there on a Thursday so not to many visitors in the park and we were able to see everything that was on our list: Hidden Valley, Skull Rock, and the cactus garden in the middle of the park. We hiked, we climbed, we explored. There was even a little yoga towards the end of the day.

Stayed at a little airbnb place that had THE. NICEST. DOGGIES. We saw basically all of the stars at night. Just can't say enough...other than, go to Joshua Tree for yourself. It's truly majestic.

So many shapes and shadows and despite being in the desert and only really seeing colors like beige, green, and brown...the shades are infinite. Hoping to capture some of the fantastic shapes from the rocks and landscape in an upcoming series of art.