Becoming an Artist / Giving Back Series: Part 4 - Business Cards

My favorite business card company is They have an interface that is super easy to use and you can upload your art to be featured on one side of your business card. They have great templates but you can also design your own just like I did (below). 

Order some business cards and share them with everyone! Take an evening and walk around your local shopping/retail area and see if any businesses are interested in featuring your art. This can be as a sale, a consignment, maybe it could even evolve into a special commissioned piece for a specific business. You’ll never know if you don’t ask!

I LOVE giving a few cards to my Uber and Lyft drivers...they're the networkers these days. Plus any Uber or Lyft ride in LA is normally at least a 20 minute ride so before too long work comes up and boom, I've got a few cards for them to have and hand out to other riders. Another time I'll hand out cards is after talking to whomever I'm sitting next to on a flight. It doesn't have to be a long conversation but you can kindly share a card with a stranger every once in a while. I normally ask the person I'm talking to about themselves first and then ask if they have a business card and if not, then I'll offer to give them one of mine. The cards are always a hit and people seem to be surprised and absolutely in love with the fact that I put my art on the back of my business cards. 

One word of caution about business cards…don’t lead with the business card. Some people can be really put off about you pushing a card at the start of a conversation. As I said earlier, as you talk to more and more people about your art you’ll get a sense if they’re interested in learning more or just connecting on a professional level in which case you’ll know whether or not to share that art you uploaded to your business cards. 

Lastly, NEVER leave home without business cards! If it’s a nice day, which it always is in SoCal, I’ll open up my garage to paint and inevitably some neighbors will walk by and chat with me about my art so I’ve got a big stack of business cards to share if there’s interest. 

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