Oceans Eighteen Launches in Newport Beach, CA

For a few months I've been creating small works of art and hiding them in public places for people to find and keep. My original project is known as #FindHBArt and it began where I live and work as an abstract artist in Hermosa Beach, CA. 

I started to bring art with me to places outside of Hermosa Beach, CA and on Wednesday, December 14 I launched a new project called Oceans Eighteen. I created eighteen original ocean inspired abstract artworks on canvas. I signed, dated, and numbered each of the eighteen pieces. I wrote a special message for the finder to read and yesterday I hid the first in Newport Beach, CA (along with two other bonus pieces that were part of the #FindHBArt program).

The first of three artworks to be not-so-secretly hidden was part of the #FindHBArt program. I drove over to Balboa Island and struggled to find a place to park. After about 15 minutes I snagged a 30 minute parking spot. I casually strolled around Balboa Ave checking out a fun place to hide this art and finally it felt like Starbucks was the place. There are these awesome wooden benches all along Balboa Ave so as I calmly walked by I placed my artwork on the bench and walked off into the sunset. JK it was like noon. 

I walked over to my car and hopped in. After about five minutes I pressed the start button, drove by Starbucks, and poof - the artwork was already picked up! Sweet. Time to scout out the next location!

Since this was my first time to Newport Beach I thought I would check out the pier, right? Wouldn't it be awesome to hide the second artwork in plain sight right on the pier? I thought so but the police didn't. Turns out the pier was actually closed that day because of the fireworks and boat parade. So I settled for the next best thing, a classic southern California backdrop on the north side of the pier.

Yep, closed. Not a single person walking on the pier. No waves either. Boo. I started to walk north and find some good spots.

Walking northbound a palm tree with a great view of tower 22 caught my eye. If I'm posting these not-so-secret locations on Instagram after I place the art there may as well be a lifeguard tower in the background, right? Sunset, check. Palm tree, check. Beach, check. Lifeguard tower, check. And finally, secret art, check.

Artwork number two of the day was another artwork from my #FindHBArt program. These artworks can be found anywhere, basically inside or outside of Hermosa Beach, CA. The main difference is that the artworks from Oceans Eighteen are numbered and the special message instructs the finder to contact me to tell a story about how they found their artwork. 

Artwork two was placed successfully and it was time to figure out where the third and last artwork of the day would end up. The third one was the most important one because it marked the launch of the Oceans Eighteen program. This was artwork #1 and this one is the most important one to find. I kept walking north.

I passed a few more lifeguard towers and eventually I saw a jetty and a few lamp posts that looked promising right along 28th St and the strand. 

This perfect little spot was a classic SoCal setting for artwork #1 of my new Oceans Eighteen project. Plenty of people were starting to walk toward the pier to watch the fireworks so I knew it wouldn't be long before this one was in the hands of a finder. I took a right down 28th St and waited for the sun to drop closer to the horizon.

After waiting about 10 minutes I walked back toward the ocean and returned to the pier. As I watched the sunset I began to replay the day in my head and started a Facebook Live video to share my thoughts. You can watch the recap below. Cheers to the beginning of a fun new project! Stay tuned for two new cities, where artworks #2 and #3 will be found sometime in the next two months.

Thanks for reading and watching! If you found Oceans Eighteen artwork #1 let me know! It's time to tell your story! Email me at hi@lauraschulerstudio.com. Ciao!