The Giving Tree in Corona Del Mar, CA

As I was making my way down to Newport Beach for the kickoff of my new Oceans Eighteen social art project I stopped by Corona Del Mar to check out a cool garden spot I've read about online. PS - my mom is an amazing floral designer so whenever I see flowers, plants, and especially gardens I always think of her! 


To get in to the Sherman Library & Gardens there's a small sign that says it's $5 for admission. I dropped my money into the acrylic box with a wooden frame and happily entered the garden.  


After reading the reviews on yelp and hearing it was a small space I was expecting a few small sections but this horticultural retreat is a sizable 2.2 acres! Upon walking in you immediately see that there's patios, brick walkways, and a variety of plant life from desert regions as well as some exotic vegetation. 


The Sherman Library & Gardens entryway! Isn't it cheerful and bright? Anyone know what these awesome orange plants / flowers are?


No shortage of succulent plants seriously, they're everywhere. Hanging, planted, giant cacti, they have it all. There's a lot more on their Instagram account: @theshermangardens.


Never seen this shape of succulent before. I always try to take photos of the things that really stand out and catch my eye. The colors and the obscure shape were really cool - especially the abstract pattern from the green of it almost look like a fishtail braid. 


Another lovely photo of the succulent patio with the sun hitting just right on this flaming red plant.


Took a little walk over to the exotics section where there's entire walls of different types of orchids. Not all of them were blooming but this little pink one probably heard I was coming and was putting on a show. But I took this photo so I could share it with my friend and Hermosa Beach, CA local @boelterdesignco. Phillip is an amazing artist...he draws everything and has the best time lapse videos. Sharing this orchid for some more floral inspiration! 


All of the succulents! It's like Jungalow central here...PS - are you following @thejungalow on Instagram? Her account is full of delightful green plants and yes, lots of succulents. Get your daily inspiration!


Finally...the part that was so, so fun for me...the giving tree. This was a giant tree close to the main entrance that displayed notes of holiday wishes. Again, I tried to find the ones that stood out the most to me. Some were too heartbreaking to post so in the spirit of lightheartedness and we go.


Totes agree, Wade T. I think most of us can agree that there were a lot of crappy things happening in 2016. Let's hope 2017 is an awesome year that we can really celebrate!


I don't know you Bryce...but I kind of would like to. Hahaha. There might be a few more people as well. 


Classic wish! I think everyone can get behind wanting good health for all friends and family in 2017. Yay.


Probably one of the most unique wishes I've seen ever. But you never know when someone just misses having a good salad. I mean, we live in California. Duh.


Awww. There's someone out there for you. For sure. Just be patient.


Yes, who wouldn't want their SO to come home for the holidays! Togetherness is the best.


Another unique request of "I want to sea a pink fluff unicorn dancing on a rainbow!!!!!!!!!!!". Sure, Hazel, let's work on this one.


Africa is pretty cool. Can't argue with that. Sweet elephant, bruh.


Horses, sure. Unicorns? Might be a tall order. Dream big little one, dream big.


Last but not least...and by far my favorite. Get puppies. 

PS - If you want to read more about why I was down in Newport Beach, CA and what my new Oceans Eighteen project is, click here. It's super cool, promise!