Oceans Eighteen. A Social Experiment.

I found my blue sharpie. As I signed and dated the smallest ocean artworks I counted them out. I thought about the people that would come to discover them. Again I picked up my blue sharpie and began writing out numbers on the back of each artwork. I printed out a special message for each one and wrapped them individually with transparent green cellophane. 


As soon as I had finished packaging the last artwork I thought about how interesting it would be to create a map of where these little treasures were not so secretly placed. At that moment I knew I had a special version of the #FindHBArt program to create. 

If you're not familiar with the #FindHBArt program is goes something like this:

  • Step 1. Find several public places in a city to leave artworks for anyone to find.
  • Step 2. Laura takes a photo of this artwork in it's not-so-secret location.
  • Step 3. Laura posts this photo on Instagram @lauraschulerstudio.
  • Step 4. Someone finds and keeps the artwork.
  • Step 5. The finder contacts Laura.

Ok, so you get the gist of the #FindHBArt program. Now here's the twist for the new program, Oceans Eighteen. Instead of placing these artworks all in the same city I will be taking one with me every time I travel. However long it takes me to travel to eighteen different places is however long it will take for the program to complete. Basically, one artwork per location. Got it? Good.


Something fun I'm thinking of doing for Oceans Eighteen is to create a map. Often times with #FindHBArt  the finder does not reside in the location the art is placed. For instance, I placed a piece of art at the Reston Town Center ice skating pavillon hoping someone that lives in Reston would find it but instead the artwork went to the UK because someone was visiting Reston for the holidays. 


A dedicated page on my website will be created for the sole purpose of allowing everyone to follow along with the location and how many artworks are still available. At the completion of the project I will reach out to the finders that with to participate and have them share their story and if they wish to connect with the rest of the finders. 

There's still a lot of data visualization and dashboard development that I'm thinking about so if you're interested in helping to create a page with all the data, maps, and other exciting ways to view this data send me an email and let's make this a collaborative art + data project!