#LSSthe9 Portland, OR - Part 2: Secret Art Locations (6-9) Revealed

Welcome to part two of #LSSthe9! If you were in Portland, OR from December 27, 2016 to December 30, 2016 then you may have been lucky enough to find a piece of secret abstract art while you were walking around. On those dates I was exploring all the fun things Portland has to offer and not-so-secretly hiding nine related artworks throughout the city as part of my #LSSthe9 social art experiment. The four pins on the map below represent days three (lavender) and four (green) of where secret art was hidden.

Every time I hid a piece of art I took a photo and posted it to Instagram. Each artwork contained a secret message as well as few words from a quote written directly on the reverse of the canvas. These artworks were created by yours truly in my studio in Hermosa Beach, CA and they traveled about 835 miles to find homes in Portland, OR.

As I revisit Portland through these photos I'm thinking to myself I have to get back there soon. The food is just too good! Speaking of food, here's one amazing stop (#6 on the art project) for coffee and snacks, Little T Baker (2600 SE Division St). In the South East section of Portland off Division St, this little shop for daily bread and morning caffeine fixes is a gem. You can see by all the delicious things that you'll want to add this to your list of places to visit.

I hid one of my artworks (#6) right by this little statue to keep safe watch. It looked like he was a hiker just chilling on a giant boulder (accompanied by one other more leisurely statue). Below you can enjoy a few more photos of flour, science, hands and heart courtesy of Instagram users @vsmedici, @thewellspringschool, @leelacyd, @thishungryteatcher.

PS - can you see that little doggy waiting patiently by the main door? This little guy was cozy in his jacket and waiting for his owner to leave. Such a good boy!

Stop number seven was on my list before I even arrived to Portland because I just got one close to home (Manhattan Beach, CA), Blue Star Donuts (3549 SE Hawthorne Blvd)! I toured around Hawthorne Ave and enjoyed one of their classic blueberry bourbon basil donuts. 

Our donuts are made from a classic brioche recipe that originated in the south of France. The dough takes 18 hours to make and is made by hand every day; we start with a high quality bread flour, add cage-free eggs, whole hormone-free milk, and then fold in a European-style butter.

A little piece of abstract art carefully wrapped up was place right behind the pipes in front of Blue Star Donuts right before I grabbed a Lyft back to the hotel. Enjoy these awesome Instagram photos from @bestfoodportland, @monettemoio, @greglum, @yerenaa.

Dinner that night was a dinner reservation at Dame Restaurant (2930 NE Killingsworth St). I took a long-ish Lyft ride up to the North East part of the city off Killingsworth St to enjoy seasonal food and natural wines (with a little Lillet rose to start) and of course made this stop number eight for my art project.

It was a chilly night but it didn't take long for this abstract artwork to get picked up! She waited for about ten minutes outside but quickly was spotted and well...finders keepers! Enjoy some sneak peeks from Dame Restaurant..and stop by if you're in Portalnd - it's great! Instagram photos courtesy of @5shakes, @carly.e.diaz, @meatballssmama, @lenaskitchenblog.

Then finally, the ninth and last stop for the art project, (429 SW 10th Ave). This shop has the best tshirts, boots, and other class Portland apparel and it's super close to Powell's City of Books! Want to blend in and look like a local? Stop here (and ok, well the Patagonia store too) and grab a beanie and some boots for sure!

And so, the final artwork was placed. My mission was complete and there were just a few more hours remaining to enjoy Portland before flying back to Hermosa Beach, CA. Hope you enjoyed all the fun places that I checked out and hid art at! I'll be back again soon PDX! But for now, check out these Instagram photos sharing the love from Animal Traffic. Instagram photos courtesy of @fairends, @downtownpdx, @sennah0j, @yellow108.

Stay tuned on Instagram to see where the next location is for #LSSthe9 - hopefully coming in February!