The Story Behind the 'Hustle + Ball' Series

In a world full of procrastination and distractions I recently decided to step out of my artistic comfort zone and paint our local South Bay pet celebrities, The French Brigade. On Instagram you can find them as @the_french_brigade but if you're crusing The Strand you're very likely to see a shirtless dude on an oversized longboard with a pack of at least three french bulldogs riding along. 

These guys light up peoples faces wherever they go and you can be sure that as soon as they're spotted people are pointing, smiling, and pulling out their phones to take a video. Max, Major, and Maverick are the three main frenchies and they're very active in the community. They host special events like back to school supply drives, youth scholarships, and fundraising for children's miracle network hospitals. 

Back to the art. I had also recently discovered metallic gold spray paint so after playing with a few ideas I came up with the 'Hustle + Ball' series. Named after a Snoop Dogg song, this series features a multi-color french bulldog sitting atop a pile of gold coins. Each frenchie is adorned with a gold chain and of course there are nods to my traditional abstract style with stippling and spray paint marks in the background. 

This series was so much fun that I even created one specifically as a donation to a local charitable organization, Hermosa Beach Friends of the Park, for their recent Pets in the Park event here in Hermosa Beach. This 20x20 inch Hustle + Ball painting (below) helped to raise funds for the silent auction portion of Pets in the Park

So now that we know the story we can start to talk about what this art means. Personally, this series is a reminder to me to stay focused and be motivated. If our little pack of dogs can raise awareness about their breed and fundraise to help others in the community then just think of all the great things you can do. Over the next few weeks I'll be using this series to post about staying motivated and keeping your eye on the prize.  

But for now let's enjoy these thuggy frenchies and their drive to succeed and collect as many gold coins as possible. Cheers and keep an eye out for some future Hustle + Ball posts.

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