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The Find HB art program

The #FindHBArt Program launched on November 15, 2016 in Hermosa Beach, CA. It's a program that allows local artists to somewhat secretly place small works of art in public places for individuals to find and keep. It's Laura's way of collaborating with local artists to bring Hermosa Beach art into peoples lives.

The #FindHBArt program can be found nationwide and is only limited to Laura's travel. Anytime she's outside of Hermosa Beach she brings art with her to reach a broader audience and create awareness of the art scene in Hermosa Beach, CA.

Each of Laura's artworks that is carefully placed to be found is carefully wrapped and contains a secret message to the recipient. Her not-so-secret finds are all original paintings that are signed and titled and range in size from 2x2 inches to 12x12 inches.

The only way to know that an artwork has been placed is to follow Laura on Instagram @lauraschulerstudio so if you're in Hermosa Beach definitely pop on to Instagram and see if there's a treasure waiting for you. Common drop locations include the Tim Kelly lifeguard memorial at Hermosa Beach pier and the utility vinyl art wrapped boxes along The Strand.

Want to share your story of how you found your art? You can reach out to Laura via Instagram, Facebook, email, or using the form below. 

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