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ShockBoxx gallery continues artistic tradition in Hermosa Beach's Cypress District

Artists Laura Schuler and Mike Collins said their new Hermosa Beach gallery, ShockBoxx Project Gallery, will be a place to “challenge artists.”

“It's a place to be experimental, a place to make more artists vulnerable in terms of pushing them outside of where they paint now,” Schuler said.

While Schuler will transition...

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Hermosa Beach ShockBoxx, new art gallery, is ready to ‘Break the System’

Mike Collins and Laura Schuler were gazing in wonder at the walls of ShockBoxx, the new art gallery they are opening on Cypress Avenue. The first official show takes place this weekend, but a sort of soft opening happened last month, when they invited fellow Hermosa Beach artists LG Givot and Josh Barnes to inaugurate the place by...

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El Segundo show urges artists and viewers to be 'In the Moment'

Artist Laura Schuler is curating a special group exhibition Saturday, March 25, designed to capture the experience of living in the present moment.

The Hermosa Beach-based abstract artist has put together an evening, “In the Moment Art and Photography Show,” to feature South Bay artists along with live music, wine and snacks. The free event takes place at the El Segundo at...

Hermosa Beach Artist Collective hosts show, searches for a home

Fresh from a successful local art show at Harmony Yoga last year, Hermosa Beach artists Mike Collins and Rafael McMaster planned a follow-up a bit farther afield, in Lomita. It was not exactly the beginning of a hot streak.

“We had maybe 200 people show up the Harmony show. The only people who showed up there [in Lomita] were the artists’ immediate...